“Your Guarding Angel is Waiting Here
to Help You Now”!

I want to send you Your Personalized Blessed Holy Guarding Angel  Charm that has your name inside with the powder of 7 Holy Spirit Brand Blessed Good Luck Powers  


Spiritual FACT: When you were born, you were giving a special Guarding Angel to watch over you to guide and to protect you in this life."

Psalms 91:11 - For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.


Comes with  Blessed  Angel Powder inside your Guarding Charm with your Name writing in Angel Secret Letters

  • Learn the name of your Real Guarding Angel 

  • The secret days and hours to contact your Guarding Angel 

  • How to work with your Guarding Angel help you solve your problems, and most of all .....

  • How to have them protect you from seen and unseen danger!


With each Guarding Angel Charm, you will receive full secret information on how to use your Guarding Angel to help you solve your problems in this life, and how to use you your Guarding Angel for personal protection ageist all the evil that is waiting to destroy you.


I am going to send you special important secret information on how to use your date of birth and time to contact your own special Guarding Angel based on the real date of your birth.


When you click on the buy now button and once payment has been approved you will get an email from me asking you for your real name and full date of birth so that I can secretly prepare your name writing in mystical Angelical script.

This is the only proven way to protect yourself !  This fact has been known secretly for many years among powerful world Leaders, Actors and Successful people because it really works



International Orders will be charge extar postage via Pay Pal.