"The Cigar Ashes Reading  is The Most
Powerful Conjure Man's Reading
That you Can Get "

1Also with each Cigar Ash Reading I will send you back
Your Ashes that YOU can use for Good Luck or to help
You Overcome Your Special Problems




For many years Old Time Rootworkers and Conjure Men, before they would start any case work for every client, would do a special Cigar Ashes Reading.

By doing such a reading they would quickly discover if their client was crossed up, jinxed or had a bad evil spirit or spell sent on them.

If this was the case, then the Ashes of the Cigar would revealed to the Conjure Man and Root worker, who placed this spell on them and how long it was on them.

The Cigar Ashes would also show just what had to be done to remove such evil spells and how long such a spell would take before results would be seen.

The Cigar Ashes Reading would also reveal to the Client, if their loved one was faithful and if their loved one really loved them.

Here are just a few of the many amazing things you can learn from a special Cigar Ashes reading:

  • Am I cursed? And if so, what can I do to remove it?
    Is my family cursed? What can I do to remove it forever?

  • Can my case be helped or not?

  • Does my partner really love me or am I wasting my time?

  • When will I become lucky in the Lottery and what must I do to become Lucky?

  • When and what can I do to have more money in my life?

  • Who are my secret enemies?

  • How can I make my love life more happy and lasting?

  • When will I be Lucky in life and what must I do to become Lucky?

  • What are the best times for me to play the Lottery

  • What are my Lucky Lottery numbers that I should always play to win?

  • Should I stay or quit my Job?

  • Will I win my Court Case or lose it?

  • Will my health improve?

This is what I will need to give you a powerful and  effective Cigar Ashes Reading:

Your full name and address. Your date of birth. A recent picture of yourself that you can send me by email or from your cell phone or by phone, nothing is needed but a credit card.

As soon as I receive this information from you, I will do a special Cigar Ashes Reading based on the Psychic Mystical vibrations of your real name and date of birth.

When completed, I will send you a picture of your Cigar Ashes Reading with your questions and Psychic insights answers by email or phone.


Once the payment has been sent, I will send you a special email address to ask you where to send your information to.

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