love spell

Famous Voodoo Pecock Lover's Spell


"The Famous Voodoo Peacock Lover's Spell
one of the most powerful love spells in Voodoo"




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The Most Powerful Love Spell on The Internet

The Peacock Lover’s Spell.


Use for Seduction, Lust, To Attract Love, and to Keep Love.

Hand Made by Real Jinn Masters


One the most powerful love spell is the Peacock Lover’s Spell

For many years, this powerful spell has been used to attract love, bring lost love back and to make your lover faithful to you.

Originally made in the East, by powerful Eastern Jinn  Mystics, its secret use is use worldwide by all faiths to get the job done.

Since we are Jinn Masters and many of our top Mystics do work with these powerful spirits, we have acquired the real secrets on how to make up all the items you will need to cast the most powerful Love spell on earth.

Without revealing all the secret process on how these items are made I will give you some clues as to how these items are made to help you. 

A special Peacock is charmed  by a Jinn Master with a Magic Mirror and 7 feathers are plucked out with love and secret incantations being said.

The Peacock is never hurt in the process or the spell will not work and bring only bad luck.

The feathers are then grind up with 21 different herbs, powders and herbs during special days and secret hours at secret locations.

The powder is then prayed over and special Black Magic rituals are done over it for 13 days.

At the end of 13 days, this powder is place in a bottle of Special Oil that is widely known for attracting love or lovers and is prayed over for another 13 days along with secret Black Magic Love rituals

Then finally, all is wrap up with a special red cloth and buried in a secret locations were haunting spirits stay at for another 13 days.

What you will get is one bottle of Peacock Oil and a small package of Peacock powder and all the secret information on how to use these powerful items to cast the world’s most powerful love spell










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