"The Most Powerful Psychic & Spiritual Oils on Earth
Handmade and Blessed by a
Real Hecate (Blood Line) Witch Queen!"


Hand Made Blessed Oils

All Oils are $55.00 Each


For Love
Use this Bewitching Love Oil to secretly hypnotized that special person to always think of you and want to be with you always. Comes with a very special easy to do love spell that you can use with this Oil.



Dominate Your Lover Oil

This is the real and true Do as I say Do Psychic/Spiritual Oil that has been used secretly by Psychic insiders as “The” Oil to use to give you commanding powers over your Lover. Used by many women to have their man leave their friends, family members and stay home!  Yes! This is good to use to stop him/her from listening to their family and friends and only listen and obey you!



Sexual Passion (Number One Seller!)
Imagine how it would feel like to know that every time your Lover thought of you they got so hot and Horney for you! The next time you have sexual relations with your Lover, just use this Oil in a very secret way with a piece of dark sweets and enjoy!



Master Jinx Removing Oil
No matter how much bad luck you have! You can remove all bad luck and send it back to the nasty no good person(s) who sent it to you. This is very good and will do the work!

Please note that these Psychic Oils are very powerful and are not mass produced like the rest of the trash oils that are on the internet.  Once these stocks are gone, the sale will be over because they will have to be produced from scratch again which takes time to do.  So Order Now!



These oils can be use by Straight, Gay and Transgender
(Please specify at time of order).

International Orders Will Be Charged Additional Postage

All Sales Final and Can End without  Notice