"Real Hand Made Obeah,
Obeah & Voodoo
Brand Bath Wash


All Obeah, Root Worker & Voodoo Items are
made according to secret real practices under the
powers of the Spirits of the Dead


Obeah & Voodoo Master
Brand Bath Wash

All Occult Master Brand Baths are $14.95 Each


    Seven Moons Money Drawing Bath Mix


    Use this special mix to help draws strong money vibrations into your life.


    Black Crows Feet(mix)


    Take this special bath nightly to help you become lucky at numbers and the lottery.



    MasterDePrince La Flame Lovers Bath
    Persian mix)


    Use this special bath to help you overcome your love problems.


    King Monkey Lucky Wash (Haitian mix)


    Use for fast luck in money matters and to help you overcome your money problems.


    Red Ant Money Wash

    A very old voodoo mix that is very good for increasing your luck in helping you find that special job. Use this bath to help you win that court case for money.


    MasterDePrince Cus Cus Bath


    This very special bath is use to improve one sexual life. Many powerful mystics believe that this bath will help build up your magnetic powers to draw others to you.



    High John The Conquer Bath Wash


    Use to overcome evil spells and to bring good luck into your life. Take a bath with this daily to help you overcome your enemies spells and plots.



    Little John Bath Wash


    Use by many for fast luck in numbers, lottery and bingo. Take daily to help bring you good luck that special game of chance.



    Bring Back My Luck


    If you have tried everything to help bring back your luck and fail. Try this powerful mix to help bring back that good luck that you have been seeking.



    Dragon Blood Bath Wash


    For many years, this powerful mix has been used by thousands of believers as the best wash that you can take to send back all the evil spells and bad luck that are in your life. Use once a week to keep the jinxes away.


    Holy Hyssop Bath Wash:


    This famous mix is made with seven of the most holy herbs in the bible. If you need a special fast holy blessing or a special healing of the body. Take this bath each Sunday night and repeat the special prayers that come with this bath.



    Van Van Bath MasterDePrince Special Mix)


    This world famous bath is well known by many Voodoo and spiritualist folks. They like to take this bath with seven new pennies in the water for fast luck and the power to get anything that they want.


    Seven Holy Spirits Bath


    This is another long time favorite bath that thousands have used for many years. This is the bath to take to help you to dream of lucky numbers to play for the next day.





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All items sold as curious only and results are based on faith in occult and psychic matters