"Real Hand Made Obeah, Root Workers & Voodoo
Occult Mystic Brand Incense & Oils"


All Obeah, Root Worker & Voodoo Items are made according
to secret real practices under the powers of the Spirits of the Dead




Obeah & Voodoo Brand
Mystic Psychic Occult Oils


For many years, thousands of people have place their faith in Dr. DePrince special Occult and Psychic oils to help them achieve Success and Good Luck with their personal problems.

For more information on how to use these special oils. Read  the book called Secrets of Attracting Good Luck for more information on how to select and use these mystical brand oils.

All Oils are 19.95 each.

Lucky Van Van



High John The Conqueror


Lucky Lover

Master Seducer

Lucky Lottery

Jinx Removing


Lucky Dog

Boss Fix

Rent Man

Stay Home (Man)


Break Up

Peace In Home


Tie Up Nature (Him)




Master Root Worker
Psychic Brand Spell
Kit Candles

Powerful Voodoo Candles, for love, money, good luck.

Use these special candles  spell kits to help you get what you want.

It is best to use these special candles when you want to extra powerful, stronger vibrations around you for success.

Always burn occult, psychic candles to cleanse the room, and bring in the results that your are seeking for.


Note all these candles have been "Fix" with oils, and dusted  with real Voodoo dust. All you have to do is burn them. That its.


All  Three Days Spell Candles $39.95


How to Use

Write your wish on a brown piece of paper seven times for good luck or 13 time to remove bad luck or to curse someone.

Place paper under 3 days special Candle and light Candle on the special time and say the secret words that come with full information when you buy.



Lucky Numbers


Lucky Lottery

Money Masters

Get out of Debit



Come to Me

Winning Numbers

Lucky Dreams

Stay Faithful

Job Finders

Landlord Problems

Court & Legal Problems

Shut Their Mouth

Seven Devils Cursing


Jinx Removing


Break  Them Up

D. U. M . E  ( Death Unto My Emeny)







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Five Fingers Grass



Good Luck




Lucky Numbers



Master of Money Drawing



Black Cat Gamblers



Seven Holy Spirits






Fast Luck



Job Finder



Holy Protection



Stay Home (Man)



Freedom From Jinxes
and Bad Luck


Block His Sex From Other Women



Block Her Sex From Other




Think About Me











All items sold as curious only and results are based on faith in occult and psychic matters