"Rare hard to find special Occult/Voodoo
Psychic Brand Incense"


Here are the real special Psychic Mystical Brand Incense made according to Authentic African Witch Doctors formulas that are hard to find today.

Each Incense presented here are made and mixed with rare herbs, powered stones and other items much to secret to reveled to the public

With each special Incense you will receive a special paper to write your wish on, the name of the guarding spirit that controls these powers and how to use this paper in helping making your special request come to passed.

Please don’t confuse these special incenses with the cheap internet trash that is coming out.

These are not incense sticks but the real incense powders that must be burn with charcoal in a safety container.


Adam &Eve Incense



Be True To Me Incense



Black Cat Lovers Incense



Black Cat Money Incense


Buck Eye Spit Incense (use  to hide your dark secrets)



Commanding Incense



Boss Fix Incense



Fast Luck Incense


Fix Her Nature Incense



Come To Me Incense



Keep Her Faithful Incense



Graveyard Incense ( Use to  cross or death to enemies)



Dream Power Incense



High Power Incense



Hid My Secret Incense (same as Buck Eye but stronger)



Lovers Obey Me Incense



Job Find Incense



Sexual Lovers Incense



Lucky Numbers Dog Incense



Money Masters Incense ( to attract and control money)



Lucky Bingo Player Incense



Lucky Lottery Players Incense



Obey Me Man Incense



Winning Numbers Incense



Seven African Power Incense


Jinx Removing Incense



Red Ant Incense ( to make someone lust after you )



Success Incense


Winning  Court  Case Incense



Zombie Brand Incense (powerful controlling Incense)



All Brands are $49.50 Each


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