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“The Cradle to the Grave Reading”
The Supreme Reading



"Where Master Psychic  Will Read You From the Moment of your Birth to the Day of your Death"








You will learn of what you did in your last life and how it affects this life and what steps you can take to improve this life


You will learn why you are really here and what your true purpose is on this earth and start living your dreams, instead of a nightmare.


You will learn how your present life is being control by unseen forces both positive and negative and how to overcome the negative forces that are in your life now.


You will learn the day and even the month of your Death and how to prepare your next life the way you want it by learning these secret and valuable information


Dear Special Client:

If you ever wanted to know why your life is the way it is and how long you will live in this world then this is the reading that you should have.


This is not just any type of Reading, this is the super power reading and is  considered  by many true insiders  and the very rich as the most  highly accurate  and powerful reading that anyone can ever had done.



"What is The Cradle to the Grave Reading
and why is it so powerful?"


I want you to imagine for a few moments that you have just paid for this special reading.

Master Psychic would then look deep in your past life to find out what the condition was, that was surrounding you , which affected you in your past life was. 

Every Mystic including Master Psychic knows that the way your life is now has a lot do with your past life. Many people called this the Law of Karma.  

Master Psychic will then tell you what you have to do and what steps you will have to take it you really want to improve this life now


"This information is needed to help you understand  why your life is the way it is".


Master Psychic will tell you many secret things about your past life and your life that it is now that will shock you. 

You must be warned that this past life reading is so powerful, that many people have been known to cry because deep down inside they now know why things in their life are the way they are.


Debora J of N.C.  Was told in here last life she worked with lawyers and died of drowning.  She could never understand why she always had a fear of water even though she wanted to learn how to swim. 

She always wonders why she was so good at legal matters with no training.   One year after the reading, she applied to become a par legal assistant and took swimming lessons.

Today she is very happy with her new job making $85 per hour and is an expert swimmer!

Master Psychic will tell you what is happening now in your life now and why you are not as successful as you want to be.


"You will learn what is really is holding you back from becoming the person you know you can be and most of all, why you are having problems
in your relationships."


Mr. Jerry J of N.J.  Has always been struggling for the last eight year trying to make ends meet…

He is working two jobs and it seems the more he works harder, he has never really had the success in life he always  wanted . 

During the present reading stage, it was pointed out to him that a bad curse which was sent on him many years ago, by a woman he dated in the past and   because he broke her heart.  

He was shocked when Master Psychic told  him her name! Then Master Psychic told him what he needed to do to remove this curse.

Several weeks later, he found a very well paid job with a chance to move up in the company and found a wallet that same week with $3897 in cash on the street.


"You will be given information on how to improve your money problems and, you will be told who your real friends are and any secrets

about your friends, lover or partner. "


If your lover is unfaithful you will be given clues to help you uncover the truth.  If you wish to save your relationship, all this information will be given to you to help you to improve your relationship.

Mrs. J Connors of Boston Mass.  Was happily married for more than 11 years.  Lately her husband has been distant and even  cold towards her for no reason. 

She asked him that if there was another woman and if so they can work it out or end the marriage.  He told her that it was nothing and it was all in her head.

During the reading, Master Psychic brought up the name of her next door neighbor. Master Psychic told her that he and her husband were lovers.

She told Master Psychic that her husband was not Gay and he was really wrong.

Three days later, she called up Master Psychic and told him that her husband confessed that he was Gay and wanted to leave her for this man.


"Now comes the major part of
The Cradle to the Grave Reading


All things must die, animals die, nature dies each winter, and even worlds die.  You too one day will die.

This part of the reading is one of the most difficult and fearful for most people is that is knowing the year and even date of their death.

By knowing this valuable information you can learn how to prepare your life and what steps you can take to even prolong your life.

As an example, if you are now living a careless life such as smoking, a lot of drinking and doing drugs, these things wills peed up your death date, then a reading like this will help  you as a warning to slow down or stop.

Now just because you stop doing these things that are known to be cause of many peoples deaths, does not mean that these things will be the cause of your death.


A Sad But Powerful Example


Mr.. and Mrs. T Williams of Brooklyn NY had a Cradle to Grave reading and were told that his death would be by gun a shot at the end of the year. 

He laughed at the reading and told his wife that such a thing could not happen to him. 

Eight months later, he was shot dead by having an affair with another man’s wife!

These special examples are just a few of the  many testimonials we have received from many satisfied  clients telling us  how the Cradle to the Grave Reading is one of the most powerful readings that they  ever have.



'Here is what you must do to have your
own Cradle to the Grave Reading
by a Psychic Master"




  • Click on this link below and you will be taken to a special web page that will ask you for your full real name and date of birth.

  • Three important questions you want to know

  • A picture of yourself that can be old or new 

Once you have submitted this information Master Psychic will do a Cradle to Grave Reading for you  by Phone only and your bonus package will be ship to you by USPO

"Warning This Powerful Reading
is not for Everyone!

Please note that this powerful reading is not for everyone! Because not everyone is strong enough to face the real hidden side of their life and even their death!

If you really ready to take control of your life, then click here now and learn who you really are and what is your true purpose in this life is.

Life or death consultation service Reading






Many Thanks

Master Psychic


Pleases Note All  Reading Comes with a Special Bonus Package That
Will Help You with your Problems. This Will Be shipped to you by USPS
and the cost of postage is already included with your price


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The Dead is always around you, waiting to talk and help you.

"Get A Real Spirit of The Dead Voodoo Reading by A Real Voodoo Psychic Master "

Let me talk to the Invisible Ones Around You
for an Accurate and Positive Advice


They Are Ready and Waiting to Speak To
You and To Help You

The Most Powerful Online Voodoo Reading on
the Web  Done by A Real Voodoo Master!



There are many spirits around you and are waiting and wanting to help you and give you an accurate and positive answer to your most pressing problems.

Let them help you to find the way out of your problems. There is no fear or worry; I will make contact with these spirits to find out just what you need to know to help you with your problems

Reading From The Dead




Pleases Note All  Reading Comes with a Special Bonus Package That
Will Help You with your Problems. This Will Be shipped to you by USPS
and the cost of postage is already included with your price




Master Psychic Voodoo Master
Teacher, and Advisor








Welcome, I am a real live practicing Voodoo Priest. I am a caring and gifted Voodoo psychic tarot advisor that specializes in the areas of love, and relationships.

I can provide you with an affordable, fast and accurate Voodoo psychic tarot readings.

Through my Voodoo psychic tarot insight, many of my clients are able to find clarity around questions of romance, life decisions, health, finances, business and career.

I have 37 years of experience in Voodoo spirit tarot, divination and horoscopes.

I am a professional Voodoo psychic advisor and have had the honor of working with many celebrities’, movie stars, business people and just plain folks like you and I.

I look forward to providing you with my unique psychic insight and prospective and once again many thanks for visiting my web site!

How to Get Your Special Voodoo
Psychic Readings


For your convenience I offer telephone, chat and e-mail readings. To get a reading just click off any of the services that you want me to use to communicate with you. After you have made your purchase by Pay Pal. I will make contact with you via e-mail telling you how I get going to help you. Please check my Schedule to set up an appointments and for availability. Thank you. All readings are private.

Your Investment Rates


Phone voice readings are $35 for 15 minutes


Email readings are $15.00 per question.


Special Consultation on Spell Work That You Want Done.
Consultations Only no work done $ 25.00



Voodoo Psychic Guidance on Love and Relationships!


Before you say I Do! or commit yourself to any relationship, first let me give you a complete Master Voodoo Psychic Reading that in the long run can save you a lots of heartache, pains and suffering! $35

Voodoo Psychic Business and Wealth Guidance

For many years one of the best kept secrets among the business world and very wealthy people is the secret use of powerful Voodoo Masters and Psychic workers to help them to become powerful and even help out to become smart and even beat your competitors.

I have worked with many businesses and some of them are now in the Fortune 500. I also work with smaller business to help them grow and become prosperous

If your business feels that you need my help please click here for a Private phone consultation, or you can request a one on one meeting in New York, London, Washington D.C. or Beverly Hills Cal.

Please! this is for serious inquirers only and all business is strictly secret because I am bound by my Voodoo Gods and a Voodoo oath that all information discussed between client and Voodoo Priests can never be revealed.




White Magic Bible Spells That Can Help You Now


Learn how to cast special White Magic Spells using your Holy Bible.

these special White Magic Spells has been proven to help thousands of people in matters of Love, Money and Removing Bad Luck.

Each spell is from our special Bible Spell Kits and you can read them before ordering them online. Consider by many professional spell casters as “the Book” on casting white magic spells that really work.

For more information click here now



Pleases Note All  Reading Comes with a Special Bonus Package That
Will Help You with your Problems. This Will Be shipped to you by USPS
and the cost of postage is already included with your price


"Are You Really Ready for an Accurate,|
Astounding Powerful
Psychic Reading That Will Blow You Away"

Acclaimed by many people world wide as one of the most
powerful Psychic Reading That you will ever have!

Introducing The World Most Powerful Reading on Earth!

The Psychic Voodoo Bone Reading

This is The Most Powerful and Proven Psychic Reading

that will dramatically change your life forever!


There is one cold fact about your life that you will agree on...

That life is very serious... and all your future happiness and success in your life depends on the choice and decisions that you make today.


How many times have you regretted making the wrong choices and making the wrong decisions only wishing that if you had known in advance what the the future holds, you would have never made those bad decisions.

Just imagine for a few moments that you did have this power to see into your future and you have made all the right choices.

I am sure that you would agree with me, that your life would be more positive, more happier, more loving and most of all a lot more wealthy.


This Voodoo Bone Reading Can Help You Make
Those Right Decisions and Choices Now!

Proven to be one of the most powerful Reading
That Will Change Your Life Now!

Tarot Cards Reading and Psychic reading are ok if you just want to entertain yourself, but in real life they are not as powerful and accurate, as a The Voodoo Bone Reading and here’s why.

Many Tarot card readers based their information from common Tarot books... and many so-called Psychics depended on their hunches ...both which are wrong most of the time.

This is why you will get a different reading about the same problem from every different Psychic you see.

And this is not good ...if you are depending on answerers that will greatly affect your life and those around you.

Here is Why The Voodoo Bone Psychic Reading is So Powerful And  The Real Secret Power Behind
Every Voodoo Bone Reading

I am gong to be very honest with you about the powers behind The Voodoo Psychic Bones Reading.... , honest that the truth may scare you..

The only people that can ever give you straight and accurate answers to your problems or see into your future is the Dead and Disembodies Spirits that are always around you.

When a Voodoo Master cast the bones to read you, what this Voodoo Master is doing is using the Bones to call up the Dead and those Spirits that are always around you and they talk to him through those dead animal and human bones.

Bottom line, if you really want to know what’s in your future or you really want to know what’s really going on with that special person...... and you are not afraid of truth, then you should really consider having a special Voodoo Bone Reading done.

Unsolicited Testimonials From Those Who
Have The  Psychic Voodoo Bone Reading Done

Here are only a few of the many Testimonials from the emails we received each day praising the astounding powers of the Psychic Reading from the Voodoo Bones!

At first I was a little skeptic because I been to so many Psychic Readers with no success. But during your Bone Reading, You call out my dead Father’s name and he told me to start looking for a new job because my job of 14 years would end soon. One month later, my Boss died and his new wife sold the business to new owner who fired everyone! Your Bone Reading fantastic!


Dear Voodoo Master: I have been married for 25 years and always thought that my husband was a nice loving man. I had a Voodoo Bone Reading done, the Bones told me that my husband was Gay and had a secret male lover. I refuse to believe that until the next week he confesses and wanted out of the marriage. So thankful for the truth even if it hurts


Your Bone reading is scary, you told me during the Bone reading that my ex wife and I would get back together before the year was over. I must confess that after six years apart I found that hard to believe.One week later she called and told me that she was so sorry for leaving and wanted to come back home. You are the best!

SB Tex

For A Strictly Limited Time Only Prices
Subject to Change

Order yours today






Pleases Note All  Reading Comes with a Special Bonus Package That
Will Help You with your Problems. This Will Be shipped to you by USPS
and the cost of postage is already included with your price





Please notice that you are paying for my services as a
Psychic Reader only and not for spell or magical work


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