The Seven Holy Powerful Jinn Spirits
of Good Luck Magical Charm Bags


This Good luck Magical Charm Bag is considered by leading Psychic Masters and Voodoo Adepts Mystics as one of the most  powerful Magical Good Luck Charm that you can carry to help you to become more successfull and happy in this life.

"Personally Handmade For You Only"

 What makes this Good luck Magical Charm Bag so powerful , unique  AND different from all others is because this Good luck Magical Charm Bag is handmade personally for you and is prepared  with your Astral Birth Spirit which is strongly connected to your Guardian Angel.


Also with  your  Good luck Magical Charm Bag you will receive the powerful Seven Powers Invoking Prayer which will help you make contact with your true Guardian Angel.

Here are the Secret Ancient Jinn Seven Powerful  Spirits that are connected to each Good luck Magical Charm Bag and how they can help you.


  • Shemal For wealth

  • Doureal For good luck

  • Maseal For good  health

  • Kameal For love

  • Jueal For protection

  • Suaral For long life

  • Eadual For contacting your Guardian Angel


Inside this bag are special herbs, powders, stones along with your personal information and special wishes that are needed to help make this one of the most powerful lucky bags that you can ever own.

You must send me your real name and date of birth and your wishes to help me fix your Bag for power.

Once I have received your special order, then I will make up your Good luck Magical Charm Bag and post it off back to you.

Each Color Bag is used to hold these special powers based on your wishes.

For Powerful   Protection  and Jinx Removing  ( White Bag)

For Good Luck and Money Blessings ( Red Bag)

For Love Problems and Keeping Lover Faithful ( Red Bag)

For Controlling People and Attracting Power Over Others ( Black Bag)

For Health and Long Life ( Blue Bag)


Once  your Order is Placed you Will Receive an E-mail to
Ask Which Bag You Want


All Bags Are Hand Fixed and Dressed and Come with
Special Invocations to help Activate Your Bag

Please allow up to14 days to make up your  Good luck Magical Charm Bag
Additional Postage Will Be Charged for All Order Outside USA


$275 Each






All orders are subject to our teams and conditions on our home page.