"Special Voodoo & Conjuring
Candles Kits"



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Special Voodoo

& Conjuring Candles Kits


Please note that all candles are not the same. When you order from DePrince all candles  come to you already fix with special oils. All you have to do is to burn them and  read the special words that come with them.


Please Note: Not all candles that claim to be "Voodoo candles by others are not real Voodoo candles. All of DePrince special candles are "hand fix" with special Voodoo oils, powders and herbs.

Each candle is fix and rub next to spirit post in my temple according to Voodoo Lore for stronger powers


Black Devil Turn Back Candle...Use to send back evil spells or to cures someone with. $17.50


Black Cat Lucky Candle.. Burn to help one to become lucky in Numbers and Lottey..$14.95


Black Cross Candle.. Use in powerful Black Magic rites and to cruse or kill someone.$14.95


Green Man Candle.. Use to bring money to a man... $14.95

Homosexual Candle.. Use to bring in a gay lover.... $14.95


Red Devil Lovers Candle... Use to bring back a lost lover or to break up a love affair. $17.50

White Cross Candle.. Use for healing and removing evil spells in the home.. $14.95

Green Women Candle. Use to bring money to a woman... $14.95

Seven Knobs Wishing Candle Green for Money..

Seven Knobs Wishing Candle Red for Love... $14.95 each.

Satanic Powers Candles... use to bring in the powers of demons. $24.95


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