" Let me show YOU in one Magical weekend
how to use these Amazing Devastating,
Awesome Powers of  Conjure Voodoo
Psychic Magic "


Real Conjure Man Psychic Secrets that can help you,
to Command, Control
and Achieved Real Lasting Wealth…Now"



Virtually in ONE EXCITING WEEKEND IN  NEW YORK or Live By Phone I’ll show YOU how to use these Amazing  Psychic Powers of White/Black  Voodoo MAGIC To have anything you want!




After searching almost a life time for real Psychic powers and wasting my hard earned money on so called books and inexperienced so called masters, I cannot thank you enough for helping me become the person I always wished to be, until now. You are truly a master and the only regrets are that I wish I have found you sooner. David M Boston Mass

Voted Number One by United Mystical Studies as the Best and most informative class of the year 2013




Dear Power Seeker!


If you have been searching for real power, power to overcome any problems and the power to live your dream life without wasting valuable years on worthless information.

Then this is the real inside information that you have been looking for!

Here are the real Powerful Voodoo Psychic secrets that will give you the keys to  open the doors to real magical powers

No more wasting precious years of  your life wadding through hard to find books and searching for the right teachers.

Because after one day, I can promise you that you will know how to use these powers to improve your life, surely, easily and FAST

Here is what Paul has to say after learning these same power secrets that I will show you how to use now.

Last year on my 47th birthday I got up and really look at my life and look at all the so called Psychic books that promise to help me. All I had to show for my life was a room full of worthless books on Voodoo, Hoodoo and whatever.

After contacting Master DePrince and taken his private Psychic Magic Lessons by Skype, I could not believe how my life changed almost overnight!

Now I live in a Penthouse with the woman of my dreams and extra money to enjoy life. All because of I have learned the real secrets of true Magic.  Many Many Thanks.. Paul R NYC  

So What is Voodoo Psychic Magic?
And how can it really help you to get
what you want NOW?



Voodoo Psychic Magic is considered by many Top Psychic and Voodoo experts as one of the most powerful secret magical techniques of influencing and controlling the minds of others and conjuring  magical invisible spirits helpers that are always around you to aid and help you get what you want NOW!


And Yes!!  These are the Same Powers that are being used right now by the Elite and  Wealthy People  to help influence events and  to control the fate of others for there personal and political gain.

Once your real Psychic Eyes and mind are open then you will no longer be a puppet or slave under the powers that are at this moment using these same powers to control you and to keep you down.

Read what a one time hard core  writer and unbeliever now a believer had to say about these powers.

It is a known fact that many top secret government agencies are using these same powers to control the masses.

Now through  book stores and online information they are use these medias  as a tool for disinformation and attacking the real masters of Psychic Magic with lies and publishing so called” phony Psychic books with the hidden agenda of disappointing the believers and making them unbelievers.

Such actions have me more a believer in these powers than ever before.   Conspiracy and Public Lies M Homes


You Will Learn The Worlds Most Closely Guarded  Psychic Secrets


For many years the inner secrets of Voodoo Psychic Magic were only known to a hand full of masters . Because of their deadly powers to do harm or good..

To keep such Dangerous secrets from the masses of people who would do more harm than good... a death oath was taken to make sure that these powerful secretes  will remain  secret  and only revealed to the selected few

This is why Only 13 People Can Only Be taught once every 13 years by a  Real Voodoo Master


Who Am I? And why and why am I giving away these powerful Voodoo Secrets that has taken me a life time to learn? 

The same secrets that many of my special clients have paid me thousands of dollars to help them achieve their personal goals in their life?


For more than 43 years, I have studied and practiced every type of Black and White magic art that you can imagine.

My magical skills and years of training have allowed me to be trained into some of the most secret and prestigious occult societies around the world.

Now I am about to reveal to you the inner most guarded secrets of Voodoo Psychic Magic

For Only The Selected Few Only



So why am I breaking the code of secrecy that has been for many years only accessible to the chosen few?


Two simple reasons, reasons number one, according to the Laws of Voodoo, every 13 years of a Voodoo Master life he must find and teach only 13 special People these secrets so that they would not be lost in time.

Reasons  number two, due to the many lies and misinformation about Voodoo online today, the facts must be straight so that the few true seekers of power can learn how to really command and take control of their life.


That is why I only seek 13 special people who are ready for this type of knowledge and Power. 

Here is what I will reveal and
teach you in one weekend...


  • Secret ways to cast a spell on anyone without them knowing.

  • How to use Voodoo Money Spells to bring money into your life now.

  • How to make anyone love you and make them come back home.

  • How to become lucky in any game of chance, lottery, bingo, etc.

  • How to remove any evil spells and Jinx in your life.

  • How to make Lucky Bags and Good Luck Charms to improve your life.

  • How to call up the "Dead" safely and easily to find out things.

  • How to find out the right time of day and hours to make your wishes come true.

  • How to curse others who have did you wrong.

  • Easy voodoo spells to call up the Dead to assist , reveal and even protect you and your love ones

  • How to use the Spirits to implant your thoughts and make anyone think and dream about you non-stop.

  • Powerful Voodoo Spells to make others to have sex with you and to influence them do what you want.

  • The real inner secrets of making and using a Voodoo doll to influence anyone minds.

  • How to really read someone`s mind and know just how they will think and act anytime.

  • How to use scents, perfumes and colors for success and revenge.

  • How to use Psychic Voodoo Magic to destroy an affair that you suspect your loved one is having for good.

  • How to use Psychic Voodoo Magic to keep your loved one 100% faithful and think only of you sexually.

  • How to use Psychic Voodoo Magic to make anyone “Hot and begging” to make love to you.

  • How to the use the Power of Psychic Voodoo Magic Spells to heal yourself and others.

  • Plus more Psychic Voodoo Magic secrets that will give you complete power (if you wish) over anyone.



And ...Revealed for the First Time in Print!
The Closely Guarded Secrets of 
Real Voodoo Sorcery


What is Voodoo Sorcery?


Voodoo Sorcery is one of the most powerful psychic mind secrets that uses the dead to implant thought waves and thought forms in the  mind of others .


By using the powers of Voodoo Sorcery you can use the dead to implant deep powerful thoughts into someone unconscious mind without them knowing it.

Just think about this tremendous power for minute.


Imagine, having the power to implant your thoughts into someone mind without them knowing it, and having them act out your secret thoughts and desires as they their own thoughts.


Such power at this moment is already being researched and even secretly being use today by many secret government agencies for mass mind control. 

Read what Sally J of Washington D.C has to say about this awesome power


I was a very happy married woman for more than 18 years. My husband was a very good man and never messes around.

Then one day, he got up one morning for breakfast and told me that are marriage was over and he was going back to his first ex-wife.

I was so hurt that I could not move! Then years later after taking this class, I learn what really happen and now know  how to protect my new positive relationship


These Voodoo Magic Sorcery methods are so powerful that many Voodoo Master Magicians claim to have used these powers to prolong and even renew life.

In this special weekend program you will learn the powerful Voodoo Sorcery secrets that will work real magic in your life and change your life and the lives of others for good or bad!


Here is some of the Sorcery magical
secrets you will learn this weekend.


  • How to tap into the  White and Dark Universal Source of all Energy that controls all Real psychic powers

  • How to influence individuals and groups of people with this force.

  • How to create a psychic spy to tell you secret things about others

  • How to affect others at distant though sexual dreams

  • How to use this mighty power to change and control circumstances around you.

  • How to charge items and rooms around you for good luck and success.

  • How to project your thoughts and create powerful thought forms for love and money

  • How to psychically make yourself anew and prolong your life span.

  • How to work with positive invisible force and fill your body with magical positive energies.

  • How to read the Akashic Records to prepare for coming events

  • How to psychically attract the love or repel love of anyone.

  • How to use the power of Super- Voodoo Sorcery to developed super psychic powers.


Plus more valuable Voodoo Sorcery secrets
Also you Will Learn How To...



  • How to Cast Spells that Really Work!

  • How to setup your House to start to Attract Good Luck and Good Spirits Now!

  • How to use Psychic Voodoo Magic Mirror bring Tremendous Good Luck in your life Now!

  • How to use Psychic Voodoo Magic to make any or all your Dreams Come True!

  • How to use Psychic Voodoo Magic Personal Protection!

  • How to use Psychic Voodoo Magic to Read Anyone Mind Easy!

  • How to use Psychic Voodoo Magic to have Others to Do Your Bidding secretly

  • How to use Psychic Voodoo Magic to Find Lover's or just new Friends!

  • How to use Voodoo Magic to Bring Your Perfect Mate to You!

  • How to use Psychic Voodoo Magic for attracting real Money and Wealth!

  • How to use Psychic Voodoo Magic to Make You Irresistible to Others

  • How to use Psychic Voodoo Magic Spells for Finding Lost Objects!

  • How to use Psychic Voodoo Magic to help you Win at any game of chance.

  • How to use Psychic Voodoo Magic to Keep Evil Forces Away!

  • How to use the power of Voodoo Incense for Casting Powerful Spells

  • How to use Voodoo Powers of Voodoo Herbs and Blowing Powders

  • How to use Psychic Voodoo Powers for special Voodoo  Oils and Perfumes for Personal Powers

  • How to use Voodoo Magic Secrets of Making and Using Voodoo Baths for any problems.

  • How to make and use Powerful Veves for casting  special Voodoo Spells

  • The Real Secrets of Making and Using a Voodoo Doll ( the true secret revealed here for the first time)

  • How to use Psychic Voodoo Magic Secrets of Sexual Binding Magic to control your lover!

  • How use Psychic Voodoo Magic to work with the Dead around you and have them to secret things for you!

  • The real Psychic Voodoo Magic Secrets of becoming Invisible to others fully explained!

  • Using Psychic Voodoo Magic Secrets to become Lucky in Lottery, and Any games of Chance!

  • How to create a Voodoo Entity or Spirit to secretly protect your home, car and love one.



But don’t take my word for it, just read what others have to say about my unique way of teaching and how they have been helped tremendously by attending these classes.


  • "Until I took this course, I never understood the insider secrets that can turn even the most skeptical prospect into an eager buyer. Now I have a supercharged arsenal of stealth Voodoo Sorcery strategies that allows me to quickly talk hypnotically not only personally, your course has changed my life for the better, thank you so very much! Ron Davis Ny.NY.

  • The information that I learned in your Voodoo Psychic Course has increased my income to over $75,000 after six months of taking your course. If I had known about your course sooner I would have gladly paid 3, 4, even 5 times what DePrince charged to have this invaluable information." Allen Richards, FL

  • I love these techniques; this program has exceeded my expectations. I was very reluctant first because I've seen many books and tapes on how to learn hypnosis. Your course is excellent, brilliant, just what the doctor ordered. Dynamic, smart, with a rhythm…! And most of all what you taught me was easy to use, it is mind boggling. Terry Wade, West Port Conn.

  • Your course is too good to be true. I am stunned and amazed! After one weekend of studying with you my life took a positive turn and so many things were happening at once. I was promoted to a higher and more paying position on my job and that next week I met the man of my dreams. Jennifer Beals Berkeley VA

  • By using what you taught me, I finally got the man of my dreams. He is rich and a good person and a hell of super lover! I can't thank you enough. I've tried so many other books and self-help courses and only after attending your training I understand why these books never work and why your course is the only way to go. Thank you so much. Linda Stanwell. Washington DC

  • "If you want to learn Voodoo Psychic in record speed - but don't want to struggle with finding the right words or formula's, you must attend this training... Instead of having to sort out what works, you'll be met with practical applications galore. I've already started using the Psychic Voodoo Magic hand shake “And guess what? 6 people I used them on obeyed my commands. I've always been hit-and-miss in this department - (not knowing what or how to speak) - so I'm very pleased with the results. This training course is a godsend for anyone studying Psychic Magic like me!" - Elizabeth Handel SD

  • "I have spent thousands of dollars buying information on improving my persuasion and influence. Nowhere have I found anything remotely approaching what you've accomplished. To me, genius is a quality that takes the complex and makes it simple. DePrince you're a genius." - Betty White PA

  • I have always wanted to developed my psychic powers without fuss, after taking your course, I have learned to see right through people and have the power to heal and help others improve their life. Thanks so much. John Naogaon. NJ

  • You Voodoo Psychic Course is very good, I know that this may sound selfish, but I wish that you would never put this very valuable information out. Or better yet, I hope that my competitors never see it. .

  • The less people know of you the more power I will have. I have just moved into politics and with your super course have won a major victory in my local campaign against a long time strong opponent. I will see you in the advance course. ?


This powerful program is
not for everyone!


Now I want to be open and honest with you. This unique program is not for everyone because some people may find that these Voodoo Psychic Magic Techniques are too manipulative and dominating.


And you know they are right. To be even more frank with you ,did you know that there are some people who are even afraid of attracting great wealth and becoming successful?

This program is only for those people who really want real power to control and influence events with these powerful Voodoo Psychic Magical Techniques


The most proven and powerful way
To Learn How to Use These Powers



In Person:  Come to NYC and start from 11 am to 3 PM Saturday and Sunday

All class comes with learning materials and extra goodies.

Since this class is limited to only 13 people, you must send us your full real name, date of birth and the real reasons why you want to learn these powers.


Once you get your information we will do special reading on you for our eyes only and give you a decision.  



For Pricing and times and Locations
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