New Arrivals From Hoodoo Land


"Mojo Lucky Shoe-Charm"


Now you can walk with the so-called Dead and have them help you overcome all your problems and Guide your Path to the road of Good Luck and Personal Happiness




This old fashion charm has been known around since 1800 as the most powerful charm to wear inside your left shoe to remove the hardest cases of Bad Luck and Evil Spells.


For many years, Master Spiritualist and Conjuring people have highly recommended and sold these powerful tiny charms for huge sums of money


As the most powerful thing that you can wear to absorb all the evil that is around you and in your body.


Your Mind and spirits control your action in this life. When many of the Greatest Hoodoo Masters have a special problem to overcome or to help their clients, they would take long walks in the woods and even the graveyard to seek answers.

What many people do not know and what is considered one of the Master Root Man’s most powerful secret is that when they walk, they know how to walk with the spirits of the dead and know how to talk to them and use them to help themselves and their special clients.

Why? Because every real Hoodoo Man knows that the so called Dead do not walk with us, it is we who really walk in the land of the Dead!

You just cannot see them because you have been brainwashed by “society” to not to believe in such things in spite of the overwhelming proof that the Dead are here among us.

If you want to walk with the Dead and have them lead you to Good Luck and to overcome your problems, then click here to learn how to learn quickly, sure and safely.


With special arrangements with the spirits of the Dead. I have had them made up and fix them in the graveyard according to Voodoo tradition.


You will receive a special Package and my secret information on just how to use this special powerful charm to  help you  overcome all your personal problems , attract Good Luck and most of all  help destroy all the bad luck in your life. Hurry because supplies are limited $24.95




Master Root Workers Super Blessed

Brand Incense

Pick out what you want
All Incense are $24.95 Each


  • Gamblers Incense Each Day for Fast Luck in Numbers, Bingo and the Lottery.  

  • Lover’s Brand in your bedroom to help keep your love life strong and full of love.

  • Master Controlling with Lover's Brand Incense to give you controlling power over your love one

  • Frank Incense in your bathroom to help send back all evil spells and bad luck that is in your home and around you

  • Adam &Eve to help bring back lost love into your life or marriage

  • Burn Money Drawing to help you overcome your money problems and help attract money into your life

  • Burn Dr. DePrince Famous Devil Dust Incense in each room of your house to send back strong evil spells and cross conditions around you.

  • Burn Commanding Incense with one teaspoon of Adam& Eve to stop your lover from seeing someone else on the side.

  • Burn Black Cat Incense for fast luck if you only play numbers and the lottery


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